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Full Frame

Funny how so many photographers are spending £2000 on a full frame DSLR, when there are plenty of really well made 'original' full frame cameras out there. Like this little fella my dad found at a car boot and posted to me this week. Shot a test roll on Sunday, scanned on Monday, what an impressive lens and every exposure spot on. I know it's vulgar to talk about cameras but it's a very important part of the process of making photographs. I've yet to meet the right digital camera for me... had a fling with a G5 and an on/off relationship with an LX-2, but DSLRs just don't appeal.


I spent a good few years of my childhood being driven around in the back of a Bedford van, pretty sure it was yellow though. I remember a blazing hot summer when we moved house from the town out to the country, making loads of journeys. But the thing that sticks in my mind was that I was allowed to rattle around in the back with the sliding door wide open to keep cool. Anyway wanted to do this beauty proud when I found her recently. MY WEBSITE

Lost in London

I've no sense of direction and so these photographs were taken whilst stumbling around East London trying to find my way out. I'm also disorganised and so the negatives got lost under the desk pile after their journey from the processors for a few months and I've only just got around to scanning them.

I need a holiday

I didn't realise I was collecting these, but I'm obviously drawn to giant ice creams...


Greetings followers.  Strangely since my last post windows have stayed in my mind. They are such a perfect subject for photography as they present a frame from the outset. They also tap into the voyeuristic nature of the medium (well for me anyway) and give you a little snapshot of other peoples worlds through that reflective pane of glass. One image that comes to mind when thinking about photography and windows is Brett Weston's black and white picture of what is essentially a hole or a void. Abstract, beautiful and a bit scary, it makes me think about the big things in life. Anyway here are two of my new pictures made in Manchester recently along with Brett's masterpiece. Copyright Marc Provins 2011 Brett Weston, Broken Window, 1937