For me standing looking out to sea has the same potential as going to an airport or train station, there is the possibility of going somewhere. It is a threshold to the exotic, the start of a journey. I use photography to explore the relationship we have with our surroundings, interested in transitional spaces, thresholds between places. It is a sensual shock to see little but sky and saltwater, separated by a graphic line, the horizon. It is almost too much to comprehend and causes a physical and mental reaction. I didn’t realise for a while but these photographs also stem from my awareness of the passing of time and how we all consider at some point or another what lies on our own personal and collective horizons. These images are both landscape and portrait pictures. There is in fact a double landscape –the natural one, out of focus and distant, but also the landscape of the back of the subject. What is not shown is as important as what is, the two dimensional photograph means the viewer is left to fill in the gaps, you can't turn it around to understand, to see the eyes, the face, the soul.