For me photography is a sensuous experience. I am seduced by the world's graphic arrangements, a single subject can appear in turns sinister, ridiculous, beautiful or funny as the light flickers and changes. The mundane is never actually mundane and holds the key to understanding the bigger things. By looking at and eventually framing a simple subject, quietly observing the unnoticed, it is possible to start to unravel the complex and cluttered world we have made for ourselves. The most interesting points for me are often where the manmade world and the natural world collide. This is essentially a battle between instinct and intellect. I'm also interested in how we connect to our immediate environment, how we view everything through a filter of our own memories and experiences. Found is an ongoing body of work that is my photographic response to the world around me. It is for me a way of making sense of everything, using my camera to pare down the chaos, focus in on the relevant. In some ways it is like a collection of half remembered experiences, overheard snippets of conversation or split second scenes observed through a train window.