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We are all spinning. 


The world is breathing.


Anything could happen, maybe it just did...


Whenever I lack inspiration or creative direction I head for the coast. Yesterday was hot, and the first proper day of my summer break so I packed my camera, got in the car and headed west. An hour later I was in New Brighton, the bit of The Wirral that looks over the Liverpool skyline. It also has it's own place in photographic history being the location for Martin Parr's The Last Resort. It would seem that the intervening 30 years have been kind to the place and it looks and feels reinvented, even Parr would be hard pressed to update his series now.  Liverpool has a magnetic pull for me and so after a couple of hours exploring and seeing the city across the water I zipped through the tunnel to see things from the other side. This journey in itself is a novelty, how many cities in the world can be approached in this way I wonder? It reinforces the grandness of the place, the architecture always makes me feel like I'm in a capital city and being


I feel unanchored. My roots have been pulled from the ground and exposed. We are in the process of trying to move house and I need to let go of this beautiful space that has acted as a protective layer for the last eleven years. Every surface is painted with memories of our life together, two people and a cat. Now it seems the right time to start a new chapter, all together, to make a new home and leave this place for the next people to enjoy and grow in.