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Listening to Radio 4 this morning has left me both dismayed at the horror humans can inflict on other humans and heartened by stories of selfless acts and heroic actions. All these things happened ten years ago during the London bombings that have come to be known as 7/7.  Ten years ago, in 2005 I was visiting London regularly to make photographs and videos as part of a project called In-between. The work was all made on the London Underground and part of my ongoing exploration of how we interact with the physical world we inhabit, how the space around us informs the space inside us. This particular set of photographs was intended to extend my work on temporary and transient spaces. The pictures were made on a compact digital camera, with me standing on Underground train platforms, taking pictures of passengers moving in and out of the stations, hence the blurring. I started in the January of 2005, but July of that year saw the terrorist bombing on public transport targets in London