Exhibition Countdown

Its very strange having someone write about your work, but I really like what Katie from Untitled Gallery has written about my relationship with photography:

In Front of Me is a selection of untitled works by Manchester-based photographer Marc Provins. Produced from 2009 onwards, the works are taken from Provins’ ongoing Found series in which the artist photographs commonplace objects of the built environment, transforming the quotidian by “looking at and eventually framing a simple subject, quietly observing the unnoticed.”
Provins’ use of medium-format film captures the depth of detail inherent in his discoveries, such as the flattened, dead hedgehog spread across a stretch of tarmac, or the candy-floss coloured fairground horse set against an exotic tiled backdrop. By pinpointing the detail of a subject, the artist is able to “unravel the complex and cluttered world we have made for ourselves,” especially when the man-made encounters nature such as the lone pink Rhododendron amidst a stone patio.
The convergence of light and shadow creates subjects that can appear seductive or humorous, such as the oversized ice cream with its luminous swirls, or the pair of retro deckchairs with a lustrous glow that accentuates the floral patterned surface. These simple, mundane objects act as a “collection of half-remembered experiences” and are a commentary on our act of viewing the world through a filter of distant memories and past experiences.



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AJWilkinson said…
sorry son
love to be there but I am at a gig that night. Not that often myself and Jojo get out, I hope it all goes well and you sell shit loads.

keep on rockin kid Aj