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Maybe I'll start a series on Manchester windows...

Other People

I've been thinking about other people's responses to my work recently. I find if I'm not taking many photographs myself or suffering from a lack of focus, I return to my older work and think about what I was trying to achieve and what pearls of wisdom were passed my way at the time. For some reason I've returned to a body of work I called In-between, made in 2005 and exhibited in Antwerp in 2005/6. The work was all made on the London Underground and was an attempt at 'anonymous portraits'. One of the constant threads through my work is an examination of how we relate to the physical world around us, how we make and mark places and spaces and how we move around these. This particular set of photographs was continuing to develop my thoughts on temporary and transient spaces. The work was actually made on a compact digital camera, with me standing on an Underground train platform, taking pictures of the passengers moving in and out of the stations, hence the bl