Exhibition Countdown - August 11

I'm involved in this project, please come along if you can, preview this Thursday from 6pm at Mad Lab in Manchester.

Twice Removed Exhibition

Twice Removed
Title: Twice Removed
Location: MadLab
Description: Twice Removed is an exhibition of experimental new project by photography collective ‘A Family Of…’
Start Date: 12 August 2011
Start Time: 11:00
End Date: 3 September 2011
End Time: 17:00
Exhibition is not open on Sunday
The broad themes of the project are‘connection’ and ‘relationship’. Our working method for this exhibition reflects our collaborative approach:  each member of the group producing a series of visual starting points, the project has evolved by each person visually responding to any of these to make work that creates a dialogue with each others work. As the project develops the images will make connections with other images, not just through common themes and visual styles, but also through collisions and provocations.

Twice Removed
An experimental publication will be linked to the exhibition: the starting point will be an A2 colour poster, each side printed with a selection of images from the project. With the introduction of a cut, or a variety of cuts and folds, the poster can be turned in to a ‘maze’ book, with pages. Each different combination of cut and fold will result in a different book, with a different sequence of images. As each book will generate a different narrative, new connections and themes will become evident in the work.

About ‘A Family Of…’

The nature of ‘A Family Of…”is to produce work as a true collective. There will be no individual authorship of work:- all images are a product of the collaboration, working in this way raises questions and challenges ideas around re-appropriation, copyright and the nature of collaborative work. The exhibition will lead viewers to detect and investigate group and individual concerns, themes and visual approaches.