Manchester Today


Liam Lee said…
sorry if I've sent this twice! But it didn't seem to work the first time round!

I love that image of the tree 'struggling to reach the sun' in an urban jungle, 'the rose that grew from the concrete' (hopefully one day me, and others to!) the colour and nature of the image is very 'Manchester'

The 'Triptych' works beautifully as a portrait of Manchester and positioned as such the main points of interest create a nice arc, telling a sort of story of modern Manchester (or at least the leading of the eye to the centre image certainly reminded me of being trapped in Manchester during the riots!)

hope all is well Marc!

Marc said…
Ah many thanks Liam, always good to hear from you and your musings are very accurate! The work I put on the blog is often quite intuitive and quickly produced and it's only when I stand back and look that I can see some meaning in it. I think I'm a bit disappointed in Manchester at the moment and I guess subconsciously I'm not showing it in a very flattering light. This time of year always gets me down a bit too, much prefer going towards warmer, sunnier weather than the other way around!

Hope all is good with you, ever thought about something curatorial as a career direction?

Liam Lee said…
Yes everything is good thanks, just started back at uni!

And no I haven't, I wouldn't even know where to begin with curatorial work or exactly what it would entail! haha for now I'm just concentrating on animation and design, the hardest thing for me at the moment is getting what I see in my head and on paper into a digital format, it takes so long, I'm "happy" with my drawing ability but sometimes translating that into a finished polished digital format is a lengthy and frustrating process, but it's something I need to master especially in this day and age.