Meyerowitz Made Me Do It

I was actually trying to photograph the architecture when this scene unfolded in front of my eyes, as my finger hovered over the shutter I heard Joel Meyerowitz in my head shouting "now!" so I did. I like the way they are each doing something with their hands, and each person is of a different ethnic origin, sums London up well. 

If you're not familiar with Meyerowitz, here is a great example of his use of light, shadow and colour:

Copyright Joel Meyerowitz


Liam Lee said…
Wow marc that photograph is spectacular! Shape overload! haha That crisp cast shadow is so bold and wonderful, and the abundance of movement and life is just great, so many dynamic diagonals and coincidences running through linking it all together. I love the tension of the man on the left storming towards that upright diagonal edge of the concrete pillar/shadow. Very strong image! I love looking at your photographs, they're like windows in to your perspective of the world and I learn something every time!
Marc said…
Thanks Liam, glad you like it, it took me by surprise a bit as everything arranged itself nicely in front of my eyes.