1936, 1969 and 2012

I got very excited about the light today and driving back from work around midday noticed how interesting Stretford Mall looked. It really is one of the ugliest buildings in Manchester and should never have been built as it forms a concrete barrier cutting across South Manchester. Built in 1969 it replaced the more aesthetically pleasing, human scale Victorian street-scape, which just seems tragic. However opposite stands one of the most fabulous, glamorous buildings in Manchester, Longford Cinema. This deco building was built in 1936 and is everything Stretford Mall is not. Anyhow I did explore the Mall (formerly The Arndale)and discovered little hints of it's original decor which I must say are rather lovely. I suggest either restore the whole thing to its 1969 style or pull it down. 


Andrew Ryan said…
I love that old cinema! It's my favourite building in Manchester. The mall is disgusting. Maybe not as bad as the tower of the Manchester Arndale though.
Viv Gottlieb said…
What a great photo of the Longford Cinema; I love that building I can't believe nothing great has been done with it! How about The Photographers Gallery Manchester!? I have a friend who's husband had a net curtain stall in the Stretford Arndale in 1970's; he used to be rather 'cheeky' to the ladies (who loved it) and tease them; a real character!

Thanks Marc for bringing back those memories!

Re pulling it down... I wonder if we'd be sorry we didn't keep this 1970's iconic building.. like the Brutalism Trellick Tower London or Barbicam!?
Marc Provins said…
Great, yeah totally agree!
Marc Provins said…
Hi Viv, glad it brought back some memories and love the idea of The Photographer's Gallery Manchester, imagine... Personally I really like both The Barbican and Trellick, but they are a lot more interesting architecture wise and have been looked after and cherished. The Mall has had a series of cheap makeovers that have just made it worse and worse.

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