Found Dog

Yesterday we were walking up the road, literally 100 metres from our house when a dog appeared, sans owner and ran out into the path of a car. Luckily the driver was able to stop, but the dog promptly changed direction and ran out in front of another car. Nobody else seemed very bothered and so we grabbed her. After half an hour by the roadside phoning the police, vets, and animal shelters we ended up speaking to someone at the council who asked us to take her home and they would arrange collection. So we ended up with a dog for four hours. We have a cat and none of our internal doors close properly so we had to put Olive (the cat) upstairs barricaded with a chair against the door, whilst our new arrival went crazy running around the garden, kitchen, dining room and living room. We tried everything to keep her calm including playing classical music, and eventually I put the tv on and she fell asleep across my lap, I was smitten.  She apparently spent the night on a farm in Worsley and now she is in a dogs home in North Manchester, we have just phoned to see how she is. We both miss her and want her back..