Happy Christmas!

This is a set of pictures of snow scars that I made a couple of winters ago. I was looking after my friend's cats in Whalley Range for a few days and the short walk ended up taking about half an hour each time instead of the customary ten minutes, being so icy and snowy. So I took my camera and ended up with lots of small snow projects, I'll try and find the others soon. I ended up calling this one Snoplosion!

I was thinking about other photographers who have made pictures in snowy conditions and remembered I've got a fantastic book called Vinter by Lars Tunbjork. The work falls somewhere between fine art and documentary, describing the melancholy atmosphere of a Swedish winter. I love his dark humour and snap shot aesthetic. 

Lars Tunbj√∂rk – from the series “Vinter”, (2008)

Have a great Christmas!