Lines & Circles

I've been thinking this week about how life is cyclical and linear at the same time. These thoughts were impart triggered by staring at this picture wondering why I liked it and realising it was all about lines and circles. Then we put our Christmas tree up, which is a lovely real tree adorned with the same lights, baubles , tinsel, and assorted 'stuff' that we use annually and store in the attic for 11 months of the year. 

I've also been reading a book called Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster which is just fantastic, so good in fact I slowed down for the last thirty pages as I didn't want it to end. Just near the end of the book a small town in America was referred to - Great Barrington, Massachusetts which weirdly was the first place I visited in the States when I was a student doing Camp America one summer. It really is a tiny place so it sent quite a jolt through me, which in turn got me thinking about the linear nature of the passing of time, but also a sense of a cycle as some of my students are now considering going off to do Camp America this summer.