Battling in Waterloo

Well only battling the wind actually, and it was the Waterloo near Crosby of the Anthony Gormley iron men fame. Although I have been to the other Waterloo in Belgium, which is a huge manmade hill to mark the battle. I've only been there once and I was dressed as one of Abba, with three people dressed as the other members. It was as a favour to two Czech performance artists and involved marching up the hill in costume carrying a cassette player blaring out Waterloo by Abba! I think it might be on video somewhere...

Anyway this weekend was the other Waterloo which turns out to be really spectacular in parts and really run down in other parts. There are two beautiful sweeping crescents of houses that stretch for at least half a mile all painted in pastel shades with well preserved front gardens looking over the sea. There is a park and a boating lake, but the little town itself is now like much of Britain, boarded up and past it's best. So the pictures are from that visit and include a window display from a recently closed cake shop called Satterthwaites, that had been in the same location for 102 years. It looked so smart with all the original fittings and a very sad note in the window thanking customers for sustaining them over the years.