Cowgirl Neon

Ended up in Liverpool again yesterday. Just can't get enough, I am officially an honorary Scouser, and that's according to a real one. Met up with our friend Michelle who kindly treated us to lunch at Salt House Tapas, which as always was fantastic. She brought along a copy of The Liverpool Post as she was interviewed by them in this weeks. She is a writer (responsible for some excellent witty, knicker gripper storylines currently showing on Coronation Street) and being a great friend bigged up my photography in the article - Thanks Michelle!

On Thursday night we attended the Richard Billingham talk at Manchester Art Gallery, organised by Redeye. A great idea especially as the Galleries are all open until 9pm now. It was quite a strange experience and not what I'd been expecting. I was left feeling that he was carrying the burden of making a hugely personal, successful and influential body of work whilst quite young, being thrust onto an international stage and then having to find a way to follow it up. However the next day I could think of little else and he kept popping back into my head. I think part of this was because he talked a lot about coming from the West Midlands and going to Bournville College of Art. I also grew up in the West Midlands and also went to Bournville, and it seemed to stir something in my mind. Oh dear, not another mid life crisis approaching...

The picture was taken in Liverpool yesterday on the way back to the car. We didn't go into this bar but it did look quite intriguing.

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