Concrete, Sea and Sun

Well I'm writing this as snow, hail and rain take turns to lash a pretty cold Manchester. To demonstrate the unpredictable nature of the British weather the two pictures included here were taken just three days ago. This post is an addendum to my my last one taken on a day out to Cleveleys, just outside Blackpool. I spoke about seaside towns having probably seen their hey days come and go, but I didn't stress enough how hard some places are working to reinvent themselves and create exciting new additions to their bits of the coastline. This was my first visit to Cleveleys and I was very impressed by the newly developed prom. I'm a big fan of concrete and love what's been done here to simultaneously defend the eroding coastline and make a series of seats, shelters and sculptures. The light was strong and the shadows long so the effect was particularly powerful. The shapes made me think of St Ives, both the curves of the Tate building and the Barbara Hepworth works preserved in her garden.