An incongruous clash of title and images I'll admit, but stick with me, it all joins up. An excellent day out in Liverpool on Friday, meeting up with Michelle for coffee and culture. Two of these photographs taken whilst in Duke Street Espresso Bar, which I love. It's small, quiet, beautifully designed and decked and the coffee is superb, made and served by a barista who knows his beans. Then on to Tate for the Glam! exhibition. I must admit I didn't have hugely high hopes for it, however it is fascinating, cleverly curated and it kept us engaged for a good couple of hours. Apparently Boy George and Mick Jones of The Clash were also there today, not together. The best room for me was halfway around, a stark space with Allen Jones table and chair and Guy Bourdin photographs hanging on the walls - perfect! There is also a Guy Bourdin short film which is breathtakingly sophisticated, easy to see why every fashion photographer since has been influenced by his aesthetic. I also loved the Polaroids by Ulay which I'd never seen before... anyway I'll stop before I spoil it for you. The last picture of the day was just as we got back to the carpark, one of my favourite urban objects, an advertising lightbox where the advert has dropped off, just naked diffused strip lights, very glam!

Tate Liverpool

Duke Street Espresso Bar