My 100th Blog Post!

A proud moment for me, this is my 100th blog post! I've been struggling to think of something appropriate/ witty without success, then stumbled across this fantastic machine from the past. So it's a self portrait made using an old passport machine in Fred Aldous, Manchester. This last year has been very much about digital photography for me, finding a camera that I enjoy using and wanting to be spontaneous and able to share my work as soon as I've made it. However this week has been more about chemical photography. Firstly I found three medium format films that I'd not processed from my Mamiya 7, so they were sent off and have arrived back, will be sharing soon. Then I bought some more Impossible Project film to experiment with in my Polaroid SX-70, and lastly of course I found this beautiful passport machine. I wonder if film will always be around? I certainly hope so as there is still a certain excitement, and aesthetic that is different to digital, even Instagram can't replicate it, thank goodness!

A big thank you for following me out there too. I'm chuffed that I seem to have a gang of regular people dipping in to see what I'm posting, and that buoys me on to keep sharing.


Geoffrey Hardy said…
Well done Marc. You never know you might have a fox image to share in the next 100! G
Marc Provins said…
Cheers Geoff! I shall be out looking for urban foxes to that end.

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