Pinch, Punch

It's been a busy weekend, not least because it was Easter, the clocks went forward and now it's April Fools' day. We went to visit friends in Exeter, Devon which can be a bit of a haul normally driving down the M6 and M5, especially at holiday time. However we flew from Manchester airport which is quite amazing, 45 minutes instead of 7 hours. So we got to spend time with our good friends and I think being in a different place and seeing a bit of sunshine over stimulated me as I did make a lot of photographs, so I'll split this blog entry into two parts. 

I usually try to avoid joining in the chorus of 'oh it's been a long winter...' but this year it does seem to have gone on for practically half the year. So a blast of sunshine made colours sing and being in a different place really helped me see with a renewed vigour. I think because I don't have children spending time with them is refreshing, seeing the world through their prism and being reminded of my own childhood. Also they have got used to me constantly wielding a camera and on the whole tollerate it or ignore it.

Footwear, eggs and pink seem to be reoccurring themes of the weekend.