Stripes & Turn-ups

This is part two of the set of pictures from our travels to Exeter this weekend. One of the things that I've been mulling over recently was how my approach to photography has subtly altered the last year or so, going from using a large medium format camera to a pocketable Olympus Pen. Apart from the obvious change from film to digital there is a noticeable shift in how I'm viewed by others. It affords a certain amount of invisibility as it looks like a compact camera, and I use it by looking at the screen rather than through a viewfinder. We are all so used to seeing people gazing at phones or tablets this way that it doesn't mark me out as a photographer. I also like that it separates me from the large camera, long lens brigade! 

I was pleased to see that Daidō Moriyama also works this way on the streets of Tokyo with an even more compact camera:

I was very impressed with The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter which reopened recently after a long refurbishment. It is a mash up of an art gallery and a Victorian city museum with an eclectic mix of contemporary art, taxidermy and their own collections from human culture and natural history. It doesn't sound that unique on paper but it is a really special space, well thought out and a pleasure to be in, I'd definitely be spending more time there if I lived nearer.

If you'd like to see part one to these pictures it is here: