The Strange Ordinariness of King's Road

I've mentioned the King's Road in previous posts, as it is one of the routes I take if I'm walking into Manchester. It's a long road skirting or cutting through Chorlton, Whalley Range, Stretford, Firswood, Old Trafford and depositing you at the edge of Hulme, Moss Side and town. It's more or less completely residential, being mostly 1930's semis and then eventually Victorian or Edwardian red bricks. On the surface it is mundane, ordinary, life goes on and people come and go, curtains twitch, traffic passes. However if you walk slowly and really look, there are all sorts of clues to individuality, evidence of lives being lived now, of times past but still rendered visible in this moment. I think I'm always trying to suspend my usual way of looking, instead I try to view the world as some kind of sculpture, an arrangement of parts, objects and colours. I'm often thinking about narratives too, attempting to fill in the gaps, join up the dots, what has happened? Anyway I'm getting carried away. So a few pictures from a walk with my camera down King's Road yesterday, a sad unicorn, an abandoned printer and a glove with a halo. All seen on garden walls the threshold between public and private space.

Here is a previous King's Road blog entry, especially of interest if you like Morrissey...


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