Forty Winks

Yesterday was spent helping a friend choose and buy a wedding suit. Not an activity that lends itself to too much observational photography, especially when you're not allowed to reveal the outfit in advance of the do. However for a moment the sun came out and the shop was flooded with light, casting this perfect scene across the floor. It's not a black and white picture, there are some beautiful subtle colours tucked in there if you look. I like how the carpet gives the impression of film grain. The title of this blog entry refers to my nap in the car on the way back (I wasn't driving), a lovely term that my grandmother used to use, in her London accent. If you've never heard it before forty winks refers to a quick impromptu sleep, usually not in your bed. The modern equivalent is probably power nap which sounds much more macho and business-like. My grandmother, was a seamstress early in her long life so actually there is another link with picture too.