LOOK/13 opens today and my five books will be on display for all to see. They are such personal and understated objects that I hope they don't get lost in the spectacle. It's a strange sensation having invested many hours in their creation to hand them over and hope they start a life of their own in new homes in Liverpool. 

The theme for the festival is 'Who Do You Think You Are?', and my response was to Google my name. The Google Images result is shown above, which then formed the basis of my books. It's Google curating my work, so all of the images are mine, other peoples's that appeared have been black out and these blacked out shapes go into the book too. 

I made a small book that contains the images, which is hidden inside a 1950's encyclopaedia, linking contemporary ways of finding information with traditional methods. These have now been donated to four libraries in Liverpool - Central, Toxteth, University of Liverpool (which has two books, one on each floor) and Liverpool John Moores University. Instructions on how to find them below.

Here is a link to my website and the official LOOK/13 site:



Here are some instructions for locating my books:

The book is located in the Picton Reading Room

The two books can be found in the Sydney Jones Library on both the first and second floor link between the Abercromby and Grove Wings

The book is on the Lower Ground Floor of the Aldham Robarts building, outside Archives and Special Collections.

The book is located by the staff counter. Please note that Toxteth Library is only open Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-4pmThursday and Friday the library is closed.