Ends and Beginnings

Well tomorrow is the official end of LOOK/13 in Liverpool, so I went to see one of my books on display in Central Library (Picton Reading Room) for the last time and to distribute the few remaining postcards. 

I was hoping I'd be able to take my camera for a walk and make a picture of some significance to mark the end but unfortunately it was very bad weather, raining cats and dogs and blowing a gale. At one point I was waiting for the lights to change so I could cross the road, huddled under a Primark umbrella I'd hastily bought, when the woman next to me, without turning her head just shouted 'horrible!' in the thickest scouse accent as she pulled the cord tight on her anorak hood. That said it all really.

So I thought I'd include the final (94th) picture from my book, which just happens to link really well with the next exhibition I'm taking part in. The hydrangea photograph above was taken a few years ago but must have sat in my subconscious and emerged last year as a full on hydrangea project called pH6. Some work from this project is in a group show called Roast Beef in Arles, France from the 1-5 July curated by Mark Page and Ed Watts. I will be adding more information and images here soon but please check out the work and the exhibition:

www.marcprovins.co.uk/ then follow the link on the left for pH6


Les Rencontres Arles

Of course if you want to see more information about Searching, my book project for LOOK/13 please follow the link here: