Some more photographs from Arles, I seem to have inadvertently tuned into legs. I'm always curious to see what themes or motifs appear from my subconscious when I'm making observational work. I'm happy to be home, especially as the sun is out, but I still have all the sights and experiences of Arles racing around my head. I probably visited more than ten photography exhibitions a day and so I'm still making sense of all of that visual information. The one exhibition that has really stuck was the Viviane Sassen show which I loved, a sophisticated blend of art and fashion with a beautifully original aesthetic. Right next door was one of the Hiroshi Sugimoto shows, there was another one across town and we also went to see him make a presentation at one of the evening screenings. This was really spectacular, a huge projection of his work in the open air arena against the night sky watched by hundreds of people. His work is poetic, simple and stripped back which is something I strive for in my own work. 

Below are a couple of pictures from the Viviane Sassen show:

Below is an image from one the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibitions - Couleurs de l'ombre, followed by two images of the evening screening: