Past Present Future

We've just had a wonderful holiday thanks to our good friends. They invited us to join them during the second week of their break in Cornwall, staying in an idyllic spot near the sea. I'm not going to compromise anyone's privacy by putting our holiday pictures on my blog but I have got some photographs and thoughts I'd like to share. 

We flew from Liverpool which was pretty amazing as it's 40 minutes in the air instead of 8 hours on the road. During the flight back I was thinking about how valuable holidays are, and even our five days away from our usual lives seems to have done much for our well being. Spending time with old friends you laugh about shared experiences, things you all remember that bond you together. You are at the same time living in the moment, experiencing the heat of the sun, the bite of the sea, laughing, making new memories. The other thing that happened with us is a collective thinking about the future, discussing and assessing our lives, where we are now and what we'd like to change.

So the title Past Present Future is a reference to those thoughts, but also to the idea that much of my own photography work explores the layers of time that we walk through every day. How the architecture of the manmade world reflects different eras and the aspirations of different generations. Whilst in Cornwall we visited a theme park for the youngest member of the party and the past, particularly the 1970's seemed very evident. In fact I found it quite reassuring having grown up in that time and having visited places just like this. The photographs here were taken on Tuesday, but could probably have been shot at any time over the last few decades, and probably in the future over the forth coming years too.