I walked the border between Manchester and Salford on Thursday, twin cities divided by a river. The Irwell has always struck me as neglected but full of potential, and there are some signs of it becoming a greater part of city life as Salford has developed a walkway and there are two new bridges. Manchester unfortunately still seems to turn it's back towards the water and I'm sure there are plenty of people who live in or use the city centre that don't know it is there. 

Anyway the point I'm working towards is more to do with the creative process than urban development as I spent several hours weaving across the bridges trying to make a small set of pictures that might be the start of something. I'm interested in borders and in-between spaces, thresholds, so it seemed like a good starting point, but it just wouldn't click, nothing worked, I shall return. Strangely the next day I walked maybe 500 metres to post a card to a friend and managed to make a small set of images that I much preferred to any of my many pictures from the day before. They feel quite cinematic to me, with a narrative based on colour, which seems to be informing my picture making at the moment.