The Edge

Life has been busy recently and I've not had many opportunities to make photographs or blog. I don't like that situation and start to feel I have an itch that needs scratching, so I took my new camera for a walk after lunch today. More about cameras in my next post...

I'm often most engaged when I just have time to look at the ordinary, and can walk from my home into the centre of Manchester. This takes me through so many diverse residential areas, and I suppose from suburban to urban. I like observing and recording how people adorn their homes and front gardens, whether they look after or neglect their small part of the world, what choices they make. I suppose I'm a bit of a detective or just plain nosey but I like speculating about the people that use the streets I'm navigating. Well today I struggled to find much of interest until I reached the edge of the city. A place that is somewhere between urban and suburban, where the houses are replaced by apartments and nobody quite knows what to do with nature. So today I present a little triptych from my walk around the edge of town.