Behind Glass

I remember as a very young child being taken window shopping. This was after hours, so the shops were closed but the windows stood proud, an advert for the products that would be available when they reopened in the morning. This would have been in Basildon where I was born. We lived in a tower block right in the centre, so any stroll would have taken in shops. This could be a phantom memory based on a photograph of me looking at Magic Roundabout merchandise in a toy shop window, but I feel like I remember it. 

Sadly this pastime isn't really possible in the evenings now as most shops have metal stutters pulled down protecting the contents. However during our recent visit to East Yorkshire I did spot some intriguing, almost museum-like displays in the windows of Hull and Filey. I like the sense of care and placement involved in these arrangements, no fancy props or signs just handmade price tags and a will to lure you in.