The world has looked starkly alive for the last few days, as we have enjoyed a surprise return to summer like weather. The sun never gets high in the sky as we head into October and so the shadows can be long and dramatic, the colours heightened. I started thinking about how spring and autumn are transitional seasons, new life in the spring and everything starting to retreat in autumn. But actually I suppose really all seasons are transitions, one into another, a constant cycle that is easy to take for granted.

I've been experimenting with sampling colour from pictures and then using them as part of the final image. I like the purity of a single colour extracted from a photograph laid out bare to be examined. I'm fascinated by how the world around us is understood by technology, in this case a camera and a computer running software that enables them to interpret light and colour. To them the colours in these three pictures are known (from top to bottom) as #a1ae3c, #e3ab88 and #a00811. These hex codes would mean nothing to the average person but maybe to a computer they are the colours of autumn. 

I have made a few images before in the same style if you are interested:

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