Yellow Mist

From multi storey car parks to duck eggs in a day... I couldn't resist documenting the simple beauty of these eggs as the colour was so delicate and so different to a chicken's egg. I like circles within squares too so visually everything worked for me.

I've mentioned before how concrete makes me think of Basildon where I was born, well the next chapter of my early life was in rural Gloucestershire where my parents were attempting to live off the land. We had goats, chickens and yes ducks, well one duck and one drake. They had a lovely gentle nature and seemed very content with their lot sticking together like an old married couple.

It's been a long time since I've eaten duck eggs and the only reason I did was due to a super reduced price in the supermarket. This is where the blog title comes from; In our local Booths they use yolk coloured labels to mark down the reduced produce, my partner describes the excited state you enter on searching through the bargains as 'yellow mist'. 

They were delicious by the way!