Occasionally it seems wise to rest up and withdraw from the world a bit, and this weekend has been one of those times. I have a hunch that this often happens to me around October as short sleeves give way to long and heavier coats suddenly feel like a good idea. One of the benefits of living in a Victorian house is an open fire left over from an era before central heating. The first few blazes of the season bring an unparalleled pleasure that must connect us with our ancestors in some deep primal manner. 

So my pictures today go no further than my living room and luckily I decided to get my camera just as the sun was low and the colours mellow. Home and my immediate surroundings are often the starting point for my projects and a source of inspiration. My other half who has been hit by the recession, redundancy and periods of unemployment over the last few years said that home can both a prison (when out of work) and a sanctuary (when working), which I thought was quite profound.