The Colour of Morning

Today started with a red glow. By just gone 7am my home was rose tinted and viewed from my kitchen window the Manchester terraces looked ablaze.

The day continued in a dreamlike manner as a few hours later I was on the set of Coronation Street with a group of students weaving in and out of familiar rooms usually flickering on a TV in the corner of the room. It was a strange and wonderful experience, with an atmosphere I've never experienced before silencing even the most surly of students, mesmerised by a northern institution.

So the weirdness goes on as later tonight I'll attend The Blog North Awards to celebrate this very blog being shortlisted for a gong. Wish me luck!

The picture above is the view from my living room at 7.20am. I've not manipulated it in any way, apart from sampling a colour from the morning sky. So apparently one of the colours of morning is #6b5371.