Everybody Street

One picture from the streets today on my walk to the barbers. I love the absolute chaos here of line and colour. I tried putting other pictures with it but nothing would sit comfortably so it gets to take centre stage.

When I first started writing this blog I did make more reference to other photographers and their work, which over the years has been rather squeezed out. I think this is because the nature of my photography work changed and slowly became more diary-like and this led my writing. However this week I've been so inspired by a film that I've named a blog post after it. 

I'm always on the lookout for powerful films about photography/ photographers in part because it can be a useful introduction for my students and partly for my own development. The students can act as an effective barometer of videos as their concentration span seems considerably shorter than my generation's. My surefire all time winner is Sally Mann's What Remains film which has been universally admired over the years I've shown it, winning over even the most disengaged of young people. So hopefully Everybody Street by film maker Cheryl Dunn will be a new trick up my educational sleeve.

If you've not seen it I'd highly recommend it as a great introduction to or review of American street photography. For my money it is a mini masterpiece, beautifully shot and edited, obviously made with love and paid for through crowd funding. The DIY approach extends in to its distribution as you can't buy a physical version but you can stream or download it for a small fee from Vimeo. I guarantee it will make you want to pick up a camera and go to New York as the city usurps even the most celebrity of photographers interviewed for the film. The cut is pretty fast, bouncing along to a street soundtrack of jazz and hip hop interspersing words of wisdom from Joel Meyerowitz, Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Gilden, Mary Ellen Mark, Jill Freedman and Boogie. 

Happy watching!