Manchester Glitter

This morning the world seemed eerily suspended. I walked up our road into Chorlton and the light was diffused and even, the air was still and there were very few people around. This is unusual, we are normally woken by shouting, car alarms, shop shutters being hiked up - urban noise. To add to the strangeness someone had gone on a rampage during the night and smashed most of the bus shelters, telephone boxes and advertising hoardings, so the roads and pavements were covered in tiny blocks of shattered glass. 

This sight reminded me that a few years ago I'd started a project called Manchester Glitter, documenting just such devastation and twinkling cubes of glass strewn across tarmac. This was prompted by my surprise at regularly seeing deliberately vandalised bus shelters and then reading in my early research that Manchester had the highest rate in the country. Anyway the project remains a work in progress, but I have a few more images to add.

So the diptych today is made up of a telephone box and a bus shelter, one smashed, one intact.