Two Halves of One Whole

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you may have twigged that it has become in essence my public sketchbook. I've been experimenting with visual ideas and then immediately sharing this work in progress. Sometimes things work, sometimes not so well. It certainly accelerates my development pace and single pictures can eventually evolve into larger projects. 

Feedback and thoughts from the people who see my tests help to take my thoughts in new directions and hone why I'm doing what I'm doing. This happened with pH6 my hydrangea project and seems to be happening with my colour sampling work. I realised today after talking about it with a friend that this new work allows me to bring together two aspects of my practice. On the one hand I'm able to observe the world and freeze it in the tradition of documentary photography, yet on the other hand I'm able to continue to work on the image after it's been taken, extending it in the fine art convention. 

I really like the coming together of my instinctive response to the visual world around me with a slower more cognitive processing of what stands before me. It has taken me a while to get here but this is the place I've been trying to find for my photography work for some years. Thoughts and comments grateful received.

I walked into the city today, winding through the suburbs, skirting around the rough edge of town on canal towpaths and river walkways, watching the energy build up, the buildings grow and nature becoming less and less visible. Symmetry and geometry replaced looser more organic shapes and lines hopefully reflected in my pictures from the centre of Manchester.