This scene made me smile. Everything in this picture is fake, a facsimile of something we recognise but altered to fit our weird, fast, hyper-real twenty first century world. Welcome to The Trafford Centre, Manchester, so bad it is almost good, with it's bizarre mix up of an 'architectural' style. The official line is that it is "Rococo/late Baroque with eclectic elements of Art Deco and Egyptian Revival". Wow that certainly is unique. Why not design an exciting modern building to house a shopping centre? Something that could actually enhance the landscape rather than scream out, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TASTE OR REGARD FOR HISTORY, COME AND JOIN US!

Anyway life got a little odd recently and we ended up here a few times of an evening and actually quite enjoyed it. The other half was doing so many hours working from home that a change of scene became crucial to staying sane and poor weather and town being closed for the night meant it became our refuge. There I've outed us, how dare I criticise - the bare faced cheek.  

Happy Christmas shopping!