I Will Survive

Strange what tiredness can do to you. To use Edu-speak work has been 'challenging' of late, and at the risk of sounding like a whinging teacher it has felt like a long term. 

I had a curious Gloria Gaynor moment during a particularly hectic lesson this week. The computer system had gone down and after half an hour of trying to get things working again I decided to go to plan B. The students had got pretty restless by this point; I'd already had to break up a physical play-fight between two male students older enough to know better. So I wiped off the original set of tasks from the whiteboard and was in the process of writing up the new ones whilst also fielding numerous questions from the keener members of the class.  I was stopped in my tracks when I realised I'd written, "I WILL SURVIVE" in large letters across it instead of “I will provide A2 paper”I tentatively turned my head to see if anyone had noticed and was greeted my a row of grins from the girls paying attention, we all laughed, me slightly hysterically probably, and one of them asked "isn't that a song from the 80's?"

It felt like an image of a glitter ball would have been the perfect accompaniment to this story, but I hope this picture from my living room is suitably Christmassy and vintage instead. 

One more week...