Two people appear in my photographs on a regular basis. Miss Swan is one of them and yesterday was her birthday so here is a new picture to celebrate along with a few of our greatest hits together from the archives. Her sense of style and colour make her a natural muse combined with the fact that she never looks fazed when I point a camera at her, one swan that never was an ugly duckling.

It was also a momentous weekend as it was the last time we will visit the static caravan in its present position between Silverdale and Arnside in South Lakes. The four of us have shared so many special times there over the years that it was a peculiar feeling to watch it from the car window as we drove away last night. However it is also the beginning of a new chapter as it's being moved to a new site in early 2014, so watch this space for updates.

If you are interested here is a blog post from the caravan from earlier this year: