My 200th Blog Post!

Welcome to my 200th blog post! This really is a landmark moment for me and I'm surprised at how important constructing the posts each week has become. I can't quite believe how many words and pictures I've put out there over the last couple of years. A massive thank you whether you are a regular reader or occasionally dip into this blog, I love sharing my thoughts and photographs and keep going because of the encouragement and kind words. 

I reckon that every hundredth post can be some form of self portrait, or selfie as they've become known. If you missed my 100th blog post please have a look here:

I popped back to Fred Aldous in Manchester armed with some cameras and discovered they now have an original colour chemical passport machine too, so hey presto:

To my mind these machines have much more soul than the modern digital ones that have replaced them and I love the iconic orange or blue background curtains that draw across to give you a splash of colour. 

The four cameras are from my continuously growing collection which went past the 30 mark sometime ago. I can't help it, its hereditary!

Can you identify the cameras? Leave me a message or if you want to keep it analogue, answers on a postcard...