Train, Heave On To Euston

3 days, 2 nights, 73 students and 7 staff; Our annual college trip to London has been and gone with everyone returned safely to their homes slightly more cultured and worldly-wise than they were on Monday morning.

Seeing so many exhibitions and visiting so many galleries and museums in a short stretch of time caused me to ponder the way we preserve and display objects and artefacts deemed important to human culture. I started to photograph the shadows and reflections cast by display cases - an ethereal, accidental moment of beauty.

I was touched to see Tony Ray-Jones' notebooks lovingly displayed in The Science Museum's new branch of the Media Museum. I became quite obsessed with studying the specialist archival display materials available to show but not damage these personal pieces. I wonder what he would have made of his ideas, reminders, and plans scribbled by hand being displayed in glass cases to be scrutinised by generations born after his early death.

So one picture from a museum and one picture from the streets of London that just happened to mirror the shape and line of the first. I like the contrast of the solid permanence of the metal and brick and the delicate temporary nature of the shadows and reflections.