I appear to have had Scandinavia on my mind recently, I've no idea why but it seems to have filtered into my brain and come out in my photographs. I only realised when I started reviewing my images from Nottingham and Sherwood, maybe it was all those trees bringing back memories of visiting my family in Sweden. 

When I was a child my uncle and aunty from Stockholm seemed like the most exotic creatures on the planet, they brought beautiful gifts that looked like nothing in England, taught me strange words and spoke of seeing Abba walking the streets of the city. Since then I've been to visit and swam in lakes and slept in the forest, eaten a cake made of fish but never saw Agnetha, Frida, Benny or Bjorn.

In adulthood I've also visited Denmark and Finland and absolutely loved these small sophisticated nations with their own elegant aesthetic and way of living that seems in balance with the natural world and our human needs.

I've gathered a few images by some of my favourite Nordic photographers below to celebrate this rush of icy air blowing through my subconsciousness. I like that there is often a sense of melancholy in the work of these photographers, balanced by a humour that seems to suggest that everything is not always as it appears on the surface. Like the films of David Lynch there is a suggestion of otherworldliness and an acute sense that light is precious and darkness could envelop us at any moment.

Anni Leppälä - Finland

Lars Tunbjörk - Sweden

Julia Peirone - Sweden

Sølve Sundsbø - Norway

Løber Nøgen (A photography collective rather than an individual) - Denmark