Box Room

My provisional title for this work as it evolves and grows into a set is Box Room. The box room of our Edwardian terrace is my studio/ work-room/ atelier/ study/ office and it's where I'm making these small still lifes, using the diffused daylight from the window. It's actually west facing but this being Manchester it appears more like north as the light is usually travelling through a generous layer of slate grey cloud. I may be wrong but the idea of a box room seems very British and slightly eccentric, too small for a double bed it often ended up as a dumping ground. That was until the invention of the personal computer gave this Victorian idea a new lease of life as now everyone needs a place to store a desk, chair, screen and keyboard.

I've been making work about home and the domestic on and off for more than twenty years. I keep coming back to it, an itch that needs scratching again and again. I'm enjoying the process, fiddling, styling, composing, editing; it's therapy for me.