Mother Stands for Comfort

I was pretty obsessed with Kate Bush as a child and then as a teenager. Wuthering Heights should have been the first single I bought when I was ten years old, but I'd spent my pocket money on How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees a few weeks before. Although we weren't very well off when I was growing up we had a very good hi-fi and headphones in the days before we wore them all the time. So as I grew into a moody, confused adolescent Kate's esoteric sounds and eccentric lyrics helped me escape to a different me. She has stayed part of my life ever since, kindly releasing The Sensual World album just as I got my first student grant cheque. When I moved to Antwerp I soon ran out of money, eventually after much angst I managed to get a cleaning job. On my first day I discovered a full set of Kate's vinyl whilst I tidied up and as I played them at full blast in this grand, high ceilinged apartment I knew everything would be okay. Tickets went on sale this morning for her first concerts since 1979 and I managed to get some! The world and all of us have changed a lot since then, but it was really special to see the excitement and feeling being expressed across all the social media we have now by those who carry a bit of Kate with them still.

I struggled a bit to find the right picture today, but eventually went for one from a little series I made a couple of years ago called Nest. It is about home and memories, so seemed appropriate. I've titled this post in honour of one of my favourite tracks which also seems particularly pertinent as it's Mother's Day on Sunday and I'm looking forward to making some new memories with my own mum. I think there will definitely be some Kate Bush tracks on my iPod for the journey back to Gloucestershire.