Shapes Of Things

I've been continuing my experiments with colour still lifes, gathering both the objects and the backgrounds by hunting around my home. This way it feels like they are constructed from personal things that have some history with me and are part of my memories. I'm starting to see this new work as being closely connected to collage as I'm bringing things together from different places and presenting them in a new context. This was a moment of clarity for me, as I've been dipping into a beautiful book called The Age of Collage, since receiving it for Christmas and pondering how to experiment with a collage aesthetic whilst still maintaining my own style. It looks like my subconscious has led me to an answer of sorts.

If you missed my first posting you can reach it here:

The book is sumptuously produced, with a broad range of approaches, really inspiring. Here are some of my favourite collage artists from the book, with links to their websites: