One of the things I'm enjoying about making these still life pictures is the sense of complete control. I feel that I'm working a bit like a sculptor, selecting objects and then experimenting with their placement and positioning. Hours disappear in this process, as I explore colour, composition, light and shadow.  Everything is staged for the camera, and working with daylight the arrangements last only a fleeting time before the intensity changes and the alignment loses its power. 

The further I push with this work the more I realise that in some ways I'm creating self portraits, my state of mind influences the choices I make in terms of colour, object, atmosphere, etc. I'm attempting to strip a photograph back to an almost abstract meditative state, creating a graphic representation of my thoughts at that moment in time. The fact that I'm making these pictures in the confined box room of my home using objects found around me reinforces the intimate, almost claustrophobic nature of the framing and I hope that the choice of colours suggest an alternative reality.