My New Year's resolution this January was to see more of my mum and dad, which I'm managing to do pretty successfully. Somehow in 2013 I only got to Gloucestershire twice, which really shocked me when I realised, let's face it none of us are getting any younger. So I've just had a very lovely couple of days in their company and breathing in some good country air. 

I always end up feeling a bit nostalgic visiting that neck of the woods as I grew up there but left in a dash at 19. So today flying along the A40 in my little car with my camera on the passenger seat and Depeche Mode on the stereo, I suddenly had a flashback to doing exactly the same thing about thirty years ago. This time however I wasn't sporting dyed, crimped hair and guyliner and my car seemed a bit quieter than my battered Escort Mark 1.

When things become familiar, it's easy to take them for granted and this picture is about that process in a way. The sofa in the picture belongs to my parents and as they look after their stuff it's been around for a few decades. I'm so used to seeing it that I've never really thought about it, it was only whilst lying on my back this morning doing my physio exercises for my frozen shoulder that I saw it in a different light. I think it represents the comfort of home and family to me, sitting talking, laughing, sharing time together. It seems appropriate that it is floral too as gardening is a link between us and a source of conversation and discussion, which usually ends up with me leaving with a car looking like a portable plant nursery. 

I look forward to sitting on the sofa again soon.