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50,000 Visits

I've lost my voice recently. By this I don't me I'm hoarse and having to whisper, I mean I've not been able to write. As a consequence my blog has been neglected, stuck on pause for a few weeks. It's never happened before even when I've been incredibly busy and stressed I've still enjoyed making time to gather my thoughts and write an entry. Strangely it coincided with my all time page visits for this blog clicking past the 50,000 mark and one of my posts reaching 1000 visits on it's own. I know this is small fry compared to the big boys but I'm thrilled that my little endeavour has found an audience and I'm constantly heartened and encouraged by visitor's positive remarks.  Three pictures here taken in Nottinghamshire a few weeks ago. We stayed in a log cabin in Sherwood Forest right next to Edwinstowe, the village my mother in law was born in. She doesn't live there now but in the ex mining town of Hucknall, half an ho