Dreaming of Camilla

A couple of nights ago I was chatting with Camilla Parker Bowles in a dream. She seems really nice and looks much younger than she does on the telly. The next night I dreamt I was pulling live insects out of a crack in my skin, that wasn't so pleasant. I mention this as I've been pondering the human experience and the way our realities are multi-layered, we are able to think about the past, the present and the future and generally not get confused. We move seamlessly between fact and fiction whilst enjoying books, films and games, we experience art and music on both a sensual and an intellectual level. 

The American photographer Rebecca Norris Web says "My Images are much wiser than I am. It often takes me months and sometimes years to understand what they are trying to say to me."

When things go well for me taking pictures becomes almost meditative, completely instinctive and intuitive with barely no conscious decisions. It is only later when I look back at the photographs as a set that I start to see patterns and feelings emerging from them. This is loose and undefined but I feel that the pictures are revealing something subconscious that could only be expressed visually.